December 30, 2008

8002- Wish it was So!!

Well, 2008 is over??!?!?!?!

Hey, I was just reading about the freaks who fell down in the pool when the "pool deck" was molested by the fat grown by the so called " Party Freaks"

Now here I am.. Reading another prom. on the paper..

" Checkers" New years Bash..
  • Sizzling pole dancing
  • Hawaii night
  • Unlimited Indian Liquors ( Wondering whats the best brand one would get)
  • Pool deck on the 10th floor ( Ivanunga thirundhave maataannunga)
Grrrr... Im kinda irritated about this late night pubs and everything..

House parties are more fun.. Known faces... Leg pulling... Limited booze.. Awesome food...
Dancing in the lawn..

If you're committed, you can totally forget about these late night parties...

Things to do on the new year eve === > This is for the world to know!

  • Be over the phone as much as possible... ( Incomings appreciated)
  • Avoid messaging ( You're CHARGED with due respect)
  • Be with the Family
  • See the exitment in the faces when the colck hits 00:00
  • Pray
  • Take a resolution ( Let it be " I'll for sure take a better resolution next year")
  • Avoid binge drinking
  • Eat more
  • Hug someone you love the most( If its granny, Dont squeeze her)
  • Love All..
  • Put up a smile on your face.. No matter what..
The world is yours..

This is for me!!! :) :) :)

  • Im not here this new year!!
  • Im leaving on a JET PLANE ( would be the song in my I-pod)
  • Flying to Singapore
  • Laptop is with me 24/7
  • For a project
  • Stepping down from the plane by 11
  • 1 hour time difference
  • Got to carry two clocks :)
  • Gonna miss everyone here
  • It would be more fun being here
  • Thats ok
  • I wanna see how Singapore celebrates new year!!!
After all this is just another NEW YEAR!!!

Happy new year Blog!!

Signing off!!


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