March 30, 2009

Heavy heart!!

What am I doing?

You give your resignation letter at you first job and get back home with no worries???

What am I doing??

Staying up to listen to someone just cuz u liked talking to them??

What am I doing??

You don't even know that someone..

What am I doing??

You are not worried about anything in life now!!!!

What am I doing??

You smile to see tat scrap from that someone?!?!!

What am I doing??

You said you are not gonna get close to anyone?!?!

What am I doing?!?!

You thought you'll never like anything from anyone?!

What am I doing??

You are crazy!!!!

Where is this going??


So yeah .. I've put down my papers at work.. Yeah felt so heavy after doing it... I was collecting these ordianry work related print outs and that's what they thought.. .but I took out my " resignation letter " How sad.. Its a loss for them you see.. apparently for me as well :) So yea.. Some better carrer move..

Life has to move on..

Ada pongapaa!!!

March 24, 2009

Dont judge anyone!!

For you!!!

Do not judge anyone just because you know everything in life. The one you've met maybe just one of a kind!!

All in good times!! 

God bless!!!!

Ada poongapaa!!

Yeah break me when im lonesome!!

Dont blame anyone!!! They'll change :)

March 20, 2009

Another piece of Random S**T

It's high time I should do something about my randomness.. I'm living my life so randomly that I haven't come across one good thing so far in the past three months.. Good thing for me is = An awesome day, an awesome day for me is getting all I wanted.. "All" for me is " Someone who could make me laugh, someone who can stand my non-stop talks, someone who can have lunch with me, someone who can come go out with me without any reason, someone who can bear all this randomness..

This reminds me of the song

Might sound too much for asking.. But, " This is what the Reality".. This is what I want..

"Oru naalil varkai ingay yengum oodi pogathu
Maaru naalum vanthu vittal thunbam thedi thodaRadhu..
yethanai koodi kanneer mann mithu vizhruthirukkum
athanai kanda pinum pommi ingu poo pookum

Pozkalathil piranthu vittom vanthadhavai ponnavai varutham illai..
kaatrinilay vazhgindrom muzkkalin valli ondrum maaranam illai..
irutinilay nee nadakayillai un nizrallum unnai vittu villagividum..
nee mattum thaan intha ullagathilay unakku thunnai yendru villainge_vidum..
theeyodu pogum varaiyiL theerathu intha thanimaii..
kaarai varum neram paarthu karppalil kaathirupom..
yerimalai vanthal kooda yerri nindru poRz thoduppom.

adu yennakku ethu unnakku ithayagaL podum thani kannakku..
aval yennakku ival unnakku udagalum podum puthir kannakku..
unnakkum illai inthu yennakkum illai paadaiththaavaanai ingu yedduthu kollvan..
nallavar yaar ada kettavar yaar kadaisiyiL avanay mudivu seyivaan..
pazRi podum ullagam ingay balliyanna uyirgal yengayaay..
ullagathiL Oram nindru athanaiyum paarthirupom..
nadapavai nadagam yendru namum senndhu nadithirupom..

>Movie :- Pudhupettai

>Music : - Yuvan

Seriously.. This song has lot of meaning and it's very much attached somehow to everyone's life.. But no one realises it..

Ok.. What was I sayin?? Yeah randomness.. I know how to stop this for now..

Music is the only way..

Hey, I guess there is a video on you-tube about vijay.. I think even he's pissed about something..

After all.. We have only one brain.. :) But how come everyone's thoughts sink together atleast once in their lifetime?? Don't call it " Co- incidence"...

Life is just Randomn.,..

Random"ing off......

Karthik :)

March 09, 2009

~ Never done this before ~

 Hey missed you all...

I had some bad experiences in the past few days... Like few days ago I had a bad day at work & ended up with a bad headache & day before I wasn't feeling so well the whole day & the very next day I wanted to get drunk after such a Long ( Long with a capital " L " ) time.. 

I was talking to this DJ girl who supposed to be an acquaintance and we turned to be really good friends ( If that's what I'm saying) and this girl plays music in hawana.. We haven't met like personally and all that.. But this time I was so very drunk already but she wanted to see me still, I knew that I'll make it somehow and yeah I went to see her... 

For her eyes I was looking like a 16 year old who was drunk.. I wasn't really feeling comfortable & we sat near the parking lot and we wanted to smoke.. We were talking yet and I was making her uncomfortable with my stupid talks and all of SUDDEN my stupid mind works weird and I actually asked her if she wanted to stay out ( No intentions at all ). I was feeling alone and wanted someone to talk with.. 

How stupid have I been? I'm hating this part of the life!!!! 

But, still life just goes on!!!

I need a change!!

ITS 22.03 and I don't wanna sleep!!!