February 23, 2009

Here to Apologize!!!

I'm so damn sorry that I missed out posting something on this weekend!! I was occupied with a lot of things and hey infact it was  " Oru nalla weekend ".. Btw to continue my previous i need konjam tima cuz I wanted to post what I exctly felt.. I'm leaving for work now and I was missing this so badly... Now I'm feeling " Apaada" I wrote something.. I wanna spend my own special time posting something here..

Oru good news.. A person likes my voice, the way I look, My hair, the way I dress & even the way I express myself... Never knew and thought Love was the last thing I had.. But this girl is in love with me... 

I'l react in my own sweet time.. Adhu varaikum konjam patience... I'm leaving now!! 

Poitu Varen..


Hey, No matter what happens! I'm living with my memories still.. Please.. That makes me!

February 19, 2009

Face to Face with My memories!

It wasn't that difficult travelling alone, from the time I left home I was thinking only one thing.. Will I be able to face all the beautiful torture(The Memories) that I was gonna face..

The Train journey as usual turned out to be so hilarious and interesting at the same time.. It was some couple( 40 odd yr old ) from Pune and their love for each other was all over.. It wasn't difficult for me figuring it out, in that two tier A/c coach, he was holding her hands all the time, should look at that female's eyes full of happiness and cheers!

It was time for me to get down and I got down around 5 in the morning.. Kodaikanal was freezing.. I had booked tickets for the hill train and it was cancelled for some reason.. Some foreign travellers were upset and I told them it would save some time for them if they travel by car. They were only " OKAY " with it, that attitude told me how much they wanted to travel on the hill train.

While going with them in the car, I was taken aback that these guys were smoking weed as if it was some herbal product they liked the smell, they liked the smoke hitting their brain, but none looked they were stonned! I went " Aggghhhhh???!?!?!? " One of them even mentioned that they don't wanna get back to their norm life!

My car was waiting for me and I was so excited and HUNGRY!! I reached the resort and made myself so comfortable!!! It was 10.30 in the morning and I didn't have any bit of stress from the journey..

I took the car and it was so much fun driving your car in that city.. No signals, No smokes and you sure won't find any scratches on your car!! I connected the USB to the music system and it didn't read, Luckily I had some CD's with me.. I got lost in the music once again! :)

The moment I reached the restaurant- Memories flashed..

The Last time I was eating here, I wasn't interested in the food but was w
aiting for her call or message asking me to come to the place she was going to!!!

Somehow I managed to eat before the memories could eat my head!! I took my car again and drove to " Cooaker's walk". The First time I saw her on the rocks :) :) :) Memories!

Both of us were so curious to see each other and smile at each other!! But we missed out the timing but when you guys were clicking your pictures, you were only looking at me..
It was such a lovely place when u were around but looked all haunted this time....

I clicked some pictures there, ate " Sundal".. Bagged something for myself and family...
Reached my room again!!

Did I tell you where I was staying?? " The Green Acres Resort" Even though I wasn't there when you were around I was able to imagine your presence and I still remember the way you told me that you are " Feeling Cold "

How Will I ever Forget your voice?!?!?!

It was the fresh green lawn, the mist and the cold .. Cheering me up & I was living with all my heart......

I'm stopping right here for the first half of the day, I gota leave for work in sometime.. Thinking of writing about this.. I might end up bunking work.. I so love her memories!!!

Will be back at this soon!!

Bye now!


February 15, 2009

Here I come again - Chennai..

Hey world..

I just got back home & I couldn't resist myself that I had a wonderful time for the past three days.. 
It would for sure take some time for me to get out this unique surprise.. 

My system some rest now.. I'll come back soon to share each and every single minute I spent in Kodai!!!

Hope you're doing good!!


Karthik :)

February 12, 2009

The Trains should depart in another hour or so..

I'm sitting here on my bean bag & listening to Craig David's - "I'm walking Away".

I'm feeling so relaxed and I could sense my whole mind at ease...

Not just beacuse of the fact that I know that I'm gonna have a long weekend..

There is no rushing things at all.. I got my stuff packed.. Just gota freshen up and put on my shoes & leave home with a smile.. :) :) 

I might wanna smoke after such a long time.. My inhibitions are not quite sure.. So let me 
confess-only if I Did!!!

& hey once again world.. I wanna wish everyone A Very Happy Valentines day!!

They say flowers & words are the best ways of expressing your emotions!!!!!

Convey it & Treasure the memories...

Let me see what I'll have here when I get back home...

Maybe my phone bill on my desk?! Lol.. I don't really have to think about all that now!!

I'l be back soon!!

See ya world!

Signing off!!


February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day :) :)

& all that comes with it.. Cupid has been nice to me every other time.. It goes for a vacation every winter..

This February I'm going to Kodaikanal, for the own peace of my mind.. After all this is a much deserved break for me.. No phone calls, No work, No client Calls, No mid-night nightmares, No polluted road for the next three to 5 days...

Kodaikanal is the better place to be alone.. For a guy like me all that I'd need is a CAR( Thanks Dhanu) A camera, Some cash and confirmed train tickets..

Oh yeah.. Talking about the train journey.. I'm not gonna forget this trip for sure.. Infact the last time I went to kodaikanal was for a total different reason.. This time its the other extreme..

Things change you see.. I'm just wondering if I should stay in Green Acres Resort...

Oh dear God.. I'm gonna love each & every minute there.. I'm gonna celebrate my love.. I'm gonna celebrate with my memories...

I'm sure not sad.. But my heart is sinking in the thoughts that I'm gonna go through..

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!

Make the most.. Do something beautiful to your beloved ones!!

For me, its just the mist, fog, the lake and myself :)

I'm loving it...

Signing off me :)

February 04, 2009

I was over the phone with her for like an hour.... I was so pleased... She didn't talk a word.. Neither Did I.. The phone was kept down at the other end... I heard her talk to her mum & sister.. She was laughing ( its been two months since I heard her voice talking, laughing & commenting on someone).. I was so happy to listen to her voice.. So loving :)

I hereby sit and grasp those lovely moments I had with her..

Where is that girl, who used to clap her hands in joy at the thought of meeting me?
Where is that girl, whose hair was all was required to make me stare in silence?
Where is that girl whose hug could kill all pain, all sorrow, and bring joy to my heart?
Where is that girl, for whom talking to me was an addiction, not a chore?
Where is that girl, for whom I could gather the stars and hunt down the sun and moon?
Where is that girl, who used to dig her head into my shoulder and say nothing, and didn't have to?
Where is that girl who could force me into silence with nothing more than a touch?
Where is that girl who is like the cool summer breeze, blown in from the sea?
Where is my Ambie girl?
Wherever she is, I hope she is happy. That is all I've ever wanted for her.

As for me, I will live in her memory for as long as I am alive. In my heart, she is mine.
And nobody will ever take her place. Ever. And Ambie girl, you would not understand why I did the things I did, or said the things I said. Some day you might. Until then, I wait;

My heart forever belonging to you.

Aks!! Forever