February 04, 2009

I was over the phone with her for like an hour.... I was so pleased... She didn't talk a word.. Neither Did I.. The phone was kept down at the other end... I heard her talk to her mum & sister.. She was laughing ( its been two months since I heard her voice talking, laughing & commenting on someone).. I was so happy to listen to her voice.. So loving :)

I hereby sit and grasp those lovely moments I had with her..

Where is that girl, who used to clap her hands in joy at the thought of meeting me?
Where is that girl, whose hair was all was required to make me stare in silence?
Where is that girl whose hug could kill all pain, all sorrow, and bring joy to my heart?
Where is that girl, for whom talking to me was an addiction, not a chore?
Where is that girl, for whom I could gather the stars and hunt down the sun and moon?
Where is that girl, who used to dig her head into my shoulder and say nothing, and didn't have to?
Where is that girl who could force me into silence with nothing more than a touch?
Where is that girl who is like the cool summer breeze, blown in from the sea?
Where is my Ambie girl?
Wherever she is, I hope she is happy. That is all I've ever wanted for her.

As for me, I will live in her memory for as long as I am alive. In my heart, she is mine.
And nobody will ever take her place. Ever. And Ambie girl, you would not understand why I did the things I did, or said the things I said. Some day you might. Until then, I wait;

My heart forever belonging to you.

Aks!! Forever


  1. Hmmm..Nice post!!Loadsa emotions well-put!!

  2. Thanks.. Didn't expect someone to comment on this!!

    I've just penned down my heart in here!

  3. cuz its about Me.... Its just pure me