February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day :) :)

& all that comes with it.. Cupid has been nice to me every other time.. It goes for a vacation every winter..

This February I'm going to Kodaikanal, for the own peace of my mind.. After all this is a much deserved break for me.. No phone calls, No work, No client Calls, No mid-night nightmares, No polluted road for the next three to 5 days...

Kodaikanal is the better place to be alone.. For a guy like me all that I'd need is a CAR( Thanks Dhanu) A camera, Some cash and confirmed train tickets..

Oh yeah.. Talking about the train journey.. I'm not gonna forget this trip for sure.. Infact the last time I went to kodaikanal was for a total different reason.. This time its the other extreme..

Things change you see.. I'm just wondering if I should stay in Green Acres Resort...

Oh dear God.. I'm gonna love each & every minute there.. I'm gonna celebrate my love.. I'm gonna celebrate with my memories...

I'm sure not sad.. But my heart is sinking in the thoughts that I'm gonna go through..

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!

Make the most.. Do something beautiful to your beloved ones!!

For me, its just the mist, fog, the lake and myself :)

I'm loving it...

Signing off me :)


  1. Hmmm..tats kinda sad post!!N yeah I'm makin the most of it..Have planned sth special 4 sum1 special..Jus hopin it works out!!

  2. @ Dimplicious

    Thanks for stopping by..

    I don't like sulking. I will take some time to make myself fine..

    Happy valentines day :)