February 12, 2009

The Trains should depart in another hour or so..

I'm sitting here on my bean bag & listening to Craig David's - "I'm walking Away".

I'm feeling so relaxed and I could sense my whole mind at ease...

Not just beacuse of the fact that I know that I'm gonna have a long weekend..

There is no rushing things at all.. I got my stuff packed.. Just gota freshen up and put on my shoes & leave home with a smile.. :) :) 

I might wanna smoke after such a long time.. My inhibitions are not quite sure.. So let me 
confess-only if I Did!!!

& hey once again world.. I wanna wish everyone A Very Happy Valentines day!!

They say flowers & words are the best ways of expressing your emotions!!!!!

Convey it & Treasure the memories...

Let me see what I'll have here when I get back home...

Maybe my phone bill on my desk?! Lol.. I don't really have to think about all that now!!

I'l be back soon!!

See ya world!

Signing off!!


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