February 19, 2009

Face to Face with My memories!

It wasn't that difficult travelling alone, from the time I left home I was thinking only one thing.. Will I be able to face all the beautiful torture(The Memories) that I was gonna face..

The Train journey as usual turned out to be so hilarious and interesting at the same time.. It was some couple( 40 odd yr old ) from Pune and their love for each other was all over.. It wasn't difficult for me figuring it out, in that two tier A/c coach, he was holding her hands all the time, should look at that female's eyes full of happiness and cheers!

It was time for me to get down and I got down around 5 in the morning.. Kodaikanal was freezing.. I had booked tickets for the hill train and it was cancelled for some reason.. Some foreign travellers were upset and I told them it would save some time for them if they travel by car. They were only " OKAY " with it, that attitude told me how much they wanted to travel on the hill train.

While going with them in the car, I was taken aback that these guys were smoking weed as if it was some herbal product they liked the smell, they liked the smoke hitting their brain, but none looked they were stonned! I went " Aggghhhhh???!?!?!? " One of them even mentioned that they don't wanna get back to their norm life!

My car was waiting for me and I was so excited and HUNGRY!! I reached the resort and made myself so comfortable!!! It was 10.30 in the morning and I didn't have any bit of stress from the journey..

I took the car and it was so much fun driving your car in that city.. No signals, No smokes and you sure won't find any scratches on your car!! I connected the USB to the music system and it didn't read, Luckily I had some CD's with me.. I got lost in the music once again! :)

The moment I reached the restaurant- Memories flashed..

The Last time I was eating here, I wasn't interested in the food but was w
aiting for her call or message asking me to come to the place she was going to!!!

Somehow I managed to eat before the memories could eat my head!! I took my car again and drove to " Cooaker's walk". The First time I saw her on the rocks :) :) :) Memories!

Both of us were so curious to see each other and smile at each other!! But we missed out the timing but when you guys were clicking your pictures, you were only looking at me..
It was such a lovely place when u were around but looked all haunted this time....

I clicked some pictures there, ate " Sundal".. Bagged something for myself and family...
Reached my room again!!

Did I tell you where I was staying?? " The Green Acres Resort" Even though I wasn't there when you were around I was able to imagine your presence and I still remember the way you told me that you are " Feeling Cold "

How Will I ever Forget your voice?!?!?!

It was the fresh green lawn, the mist and the cold .. Cheering me up & I was living with all my heart......

I'm stopping right here for the first half of the day, I gota leave for work in sometime.. Thinking of writing about this.. I might end up bunking work.. I so love her memories!!!

Will be back at this soon!!

Bye now!


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