February 23, 2009

Here to Apologize!!!

I'm so damn sorry that I missed out posting something on this weekend!! I was occupied with a lot of things and hey infact it was  " Oru nalla weekend ".. Btw to continue my previous i need konjam tima cuz I wanted to post what I exctly felt.. I'm leaving for work now and I was missing this so badly... Now I'm feeling " Apaada" I wrote something.. I wanna spend my own special time posting something here..

Oru good news.. A person likes my voice, the way I look, My hair, the way I dress & even the way I express myself... Never knew and thought Love was the last thing I had.. But this girl is in love with me... 

I'l react in my own sweet time.. Adhu varaikum konjam patience... I'm leaving now!! 

Poitu Varen..


Hey, No matter what happens! I'm living with my memories still.. Please.. That makes me!

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