March 09, 2009

~ Never done this before ~

 Hey missed you all...

I had some bad experiences in the past few days... Like few days ago I had a bad day at work & ended up with a bad headache & day before I wasn't feeling so well the whole day & the very next day I wanted to get drunk after such a Long ( Long with a capital " L " ) time.. 

I was talking to this DJ girl who supposed to be an acquaintance and we turned to be really good friends ( If that's what I'm saying) and this girl plays music in hawana.. We haven't met like personally and all that.. But this time I was so very drunk already but she wanted to see me still, I knew that I'll make it somehow and yeah I went to see her... 

For her eyes I was looking like a 16 year old who was drunk.. I wasn't really feeling comfortable & we sat near the parking lot and we wanted to smoke.. We were talking yet and I was making her uncomfortable with my stupid talks and all of SUDDEN my stupid mind works weird and I actually asked her if she wanted to stay out ( No intentions at all ). I was feeling alone and wanted someone to talk with.. 

How stupid have I been? I'm hating this part of the life!!!! 

But, still life just goes on!!!

I need a change!!

ITS 22.03 and I don't wanna sleep!!!

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