March 30, 2009

Heavy heart!!

What am I doing?

You give your resignation letter at you first job and get back home with no worries???

What am I doing??

Staying up to listen to someone just cuz u liked talking to them??

What am I doing??

You don't even know that someone..

What am I doing??

You are not worried about anything in life now!!!!

What am I doing??

You smile to see tat scrap from that someone?!?!!

What am I doing??

You said you are not gonna get close to anyone?!?!

What am I doing?!?!

You thought you'll never like anything from anyone?!

What am I doing??

You are crazy!!!!

Where is this going??


So yeah .. I've put down my papers at work.. Yeah felt so heavy after doing it... I was collecting these ordianry work related print outs and that's what they thought.. .but I took out my " resignation letter " How sad.. Its a loss for them you see.. apparently for me as well :) So yea.. Some better carrer move..

Life has to move on..

Ada pongapaa!!!

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