December 26, 2008

I remeber when I was 10 and Single!!!

and had recieved a small diary as a birthday gift. (Nope I dont mean to say that I wasnt single at 9 but that is the first of my diaries I remember!) Started writing and lost it promptly within a week. Worried to death thereafter, since I had poured out my angst against the play ground bully and was afraid that if the diary found itself in the wrong hands there might have been a murder somewhere! Well that didnt happen and I live to tell a tale...... The second of the diaries was when I was 16..... my first crush and of course lacking the gall to tell her about it! So in my convulated mind, I guessed it would be pretty romantic to write to her - in a diary - sweet nothings and mushy poetry and present it to her on our twenty-fifth anniversary or something. That idea lasted all of one weekend. The diary disappeared in a week. The crush carried on for a month ... till it made way for the next one of course. The third diary was on the first day of work. I thought it would be a great idea to note down everything I as supposed to do and thus be the perfect employee. But typically if ever I noted down anything, I rarely found time to check on what I had noted and even more difficult was trying to remember to pick up the diary while leaving for office. But I still believe that it was a great idea..... carrying a diary to note down everything I needed to do. And to prove my belief, I have always started a diary at work every New Years Day. And like every New Years resolution, the diary has rarely lasted longer than my New Years Eve hangover!! :) And so came to be born the legend of the Diaries of the Single Man!!

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