December 26, 2008

Music & Me - Immortal!

I was talking to my friend Poornima Gouthaman... 

We were just going random and I was commenting on her pics that she had uploaded on "Orkut"
( My fun destination)

This Aditi song ( Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na) had to come up since I was listening to it..

Me - Kabhi Kabhi - Im addicted to that song

Poo - Aditi?

Me- Yeah :)

Poo - You listening to it huh?

Me - Yep!

Poo - am bored of it now.. used to listen to it atleast 5 times in a day! 

Me -  Music is got life. We can listen to these songs when we would have grey hair and we'll have a ride back home with our kids from school , I would do that for sure!!

Poo-  ok u know wat, as it is am fellin old ok.. pls don temme things like dis an make me feel like varanam aiyaram surya(dad)

Seriously, giving it a thought.. Im sure Poornima would listen to all these songs.. Or you never know.. She might even stop by a blook store and would buy a book on " How to look the same even when you're 85"..

Different people, Different thoughts!!! 

No matter what!! 

Music & Me - Immortal!!!

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