January 19, 2009

~ Shutter opens once again ~

P:S - This post is totally irrelevant to the content here!! (SO WHAT??) I have a point!!!

"Observed enough" is what came to my mind when I could read people's mind by their gestures.
I've been observing a lot lately, now I'm in this phase of life where I'd even guess whats on Barrack Obama's mind.

All I've got to do is just" Observe" him for a day or two & thats it, I'd be his " Fortune".
If he is gonna go against my thoughts that would be his first crime officially. :P


Im just another guy next door whose come back from work and happy about something & i'm just talking my mind!!!

Alright.. The reason why I'm here is to cheer up myself and pat my own arms , also to scream

" Wohoooooooooooo" & finally

I'm getting a new camera tomorrow & the Kid inside me says ( Guess what?!?!?! Its a professional camera, Buhahahahhhahahahah ) Shut up KID! Im happie!!!

Pweff!! I lost a camera a month ago & lost SO MANY UN-CONDITIONAL THINGS ALONG WITH THE CAMERA!!

I'm really happie about this fact that i'm able to differentiate my thoughts!!

The Kid & The MAN!! ( Ain't a male species )

Probably, next time when I'm blogging I'd come with some pics!! ( SURE)

It really doesn't have to breeze, It doesn't have to rain, It doesn't have to look all romantic, I don't need a location , I don't want enough lighting( I got photoshop for that "GULP").

All I need is my beautiful camera to open its shutter when I " CLICK"

You really don't have to say " Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeze" for a pic!!!!!

You can never tell your name with a straight face!!

Try saying your name when posing for a pic and see the pride on your face when the picture comes out!! You really don't have to smile all the time in front of the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you've already tried the" straight face trick" even inside your mind, You've lost!

That's how much I've read everyone's mind!!


Signing off for now!!!

Karthik! :)

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