June 10, 2009

I wanna Sing for you so much!!

I've learnt to sing so many songs. . . So many songs that would make sense only to you. .
I remember once you gave me a wake up call when i was fast asleep. . You sang "Pehla nasha" for me. .I was so touched by the way you treated me like your new born :P. . Now I've learnt the song so much that I wanna sing only for you!! I know the lyrics without any error.. I even googled for the meaning. . You're not here to translate anything and everything you see. . I miss you much. .I miss you so much that I'm getting tears when im writing this. .

Listen to me sing soon. . I'm the man of your dreams. . I will always be!!!

Always Yours- Aksie Boyie. .

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