August 08, 2009 one day i was talkin to a friend of thoughts just drifted......i realised how difficult it is to forget things...get over things...see the dreams which we have adorned our lives with crubble to nothin in the front of our very telling to someone might just feel a bit comfortable..but it is u who has to give yourself a push and move on...people around you who care for you shower you with all the ideas they think can help you to come out...and as a dutiful person i tried it out...some say...hey..just dont think about if it as easy as sipping a cup of tea...but there it goes..i tried that...but realised by pushing your thoughts..they accumulate and one day it becomes a saturation point..and there you crash down completely...another is all meant for the good...don bother ...just receive it smile....i mean...give me a break!! is something you have dreamt is something you have related yourself with..and when it ceases to actually takes you qite some time to actually sometime to come to terms with it...and now people who have been with you and felt it as beautiful as was never meant to be that way...doesn it sound ridiculous!!>...i just cant understand how can people change their mindsets..just like that...when they say they do it themselves...i guess there are 3 possibilities...1) they are being unbelievable...2) or they are just in vain trying to console....3)..they are simply lying through their teeth!!!....i then grateful i am to those who were desperate in sharing my woes...there is little what they can do about ma best Friend says...."its a process...allow urslf to go through it:p"....i guess that is the best thing...i guess relationships are the only things that can rip your soul apart yet make you feel absolutely beautiful!!!....sighhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

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