December 25, 2008

Chennai yil oru Mazhai Kaalam :)

Well this indeed is Gautam Menon’f film title. But then this blog is not about that. It is about the streets of Chennai and completely Chennai.

Yes I am in love with this place. Completely. Totally. And extensively. Don’t ask me why? That is such a ridiculous question.
I love Chennai because I belong here.

Because there is no where else I will be, rather than the Marina when there are slight showers. Have you ever watched the Full moon in the Marina. It is a magical experience. The moon glowing so bright over the sea waves. The gentle breeze that sways towards you while you sit in the sand near the waves eating the all time favorite Molaga bajji with that red chutney, which you purchase for 10 Rs and later go again and get some more for Rs. 5.

Because there is no where else I will be rather than in Citi Centre, doing window shopping and trying everything and anything in the lifestyle trial room and walking out with purchasing even a small candy bar. Or sitting for all hours with one glass of juice or a piece of pizza in their food court, or just to walk up to the roof top restaurant there with absolutely no money just to gaze at the city from there. Or trying to get 10 Rs tickets of INOX for 30 Rs from a friend of a friend of my friend and watch the movie from the very first row.

Me & Rain :) It rains in my heart :)


  1. he he i do most of d above written!!!n btw there r a lot more places in chennai...-hard core chennai lover

  2. U cant take the essence of chennai from anywhere else .. Its craved in our hearts....