December 25, 2008

Had to write this..

Off late I've not been thinking about anything meaningful in life..

Call it my fate.. I've not even bought a denim for myself in the last few weeks.. What surprises me the most is, I've not used most of my clothes at all.. Am I so lost in the dark? or its just that Im not giving myself some "TIME" for anything at all..

Somewhere in my sub-conscious mind I keep talking to myself.. "Your life ain't that bad.. You'll have a great time for yourself soon".. My selfish mind here is helping me out a lot.. After all , Im wanting "some time " for myself.

The prolific reason for me to have come in this dizzy afternoon to blog has a great story behind...

Day before yesterday.. I was searching for one of my long lost friend.. Didn't succeed finding him though.. We lose at least once in a day alright.. So did I...

I came across this blog of Anjana Iyer..They call her AJ, but all I know about her is that she is a RJ of "Radio Mirchi". I haven't spent much tuning in for radio stations, though I have quite an un-conditional love for media..

I really have to say this here.. This girl is one hell of a writer.. They call it writer's itch and shez got it right there. To top it all she has the best way of conveying her feelings to this world..

No better way one would find to explain their feelings.. If she had to talk to me once I'd cherish that time for my lifetime.. I know that Im being so curious here.. Yes!!! I AM!!!!

How would feel when you find yourself in someone else?? Someone who would just write everything out of your heart.. Someone who would have experienced almost everything that you've gone through..

While i thought i was the only one,suddenly i come across a reflection..of my own intellectual self. ...!!a mirror image!!..[except that i am a MAN]

Oh my God!! I can't believe that Im doing this.. Totally unsure of whats in store,and with my inhibitions about talking to a ,TOTAL stranger..

I have come across a lot of people..a lot of faces..a lot of minds..and a lot words..but this time I came across "myself "somehow...I don't it words, my thoughts,the humor that i possessed,the answers that i could give the expressiveness that i am known for..the words that i can play with and mean it , at the same time..,the reality that i admire..the mind that i respect,the curiosity that i give space to,the questions that i ask ......i saw it coming from the other side..from the reflection.

Then here comes the principle.The way the world it!! What will you call it??!! A bond without a name is unacceptable..Is unreal..Is untrue..Is fake..and short lived!!!..and I had an answer..the moment I came face to face with this question....

Go away-you deciders of fate...Go away-you determiners of destiny..Go away-you hippocrates asking questions, Go away-you losers wanting justifications.

Here it is.. Myself and My reflection "Anjana". You think its difficult dealing with me??

Im gonna listen to you by 5 today.. Face it.. :)

Peace :)


  1. :) so u have become crazy about her writing is it? I get the same feeling when i read her blogs. Trust me she's one hell of a writer!!! Glad i am her friend!

  2. Well, I wouldn't say that I've gone crazy..
    But I do sit back and think about her transformation of feeling to words...

    My real-self.. As I've mentioned.. I'll meet her soon :)

  3. hey hi :)
    im archanas junior :) thanks for followin my blog :)
    may i know who u are? :)