December 23, 2008

Immortal... Yeah.. My feelings are!!!

My words have been quite.. Too quite...Yeah, I've been through a lot.. Quite a lot of hurt and I've come out after a long term of " Short-term happiness".. I've not lost anything.. I never will..

The day of 5th April 1994,a man shot himself with a shotgun in the greenhouse area of his house.That man was Kurt Cobain.I know not how many of you know about Cobain but he was the lead singer of the rock band which we all know as NIRVANA.He left a suicide note which had a line

Our lives are not our lives because we are bound to people.People who are affected when we are sad or when we are happy and people who will be affected because of our absence.We belong to the land where philianthropists like Karna were born.How can we be so selfish to all the people who love us.And even if for a moment I stop to think about the people around me ,then also how does a suicide justify me as a person.How can a person be defeated by himself.

A very common phenomena that i have noticed is that we people are too strict with ourselves.We dont want to accept defeat and keep moving towards our destinies rather we stop and start to crib about what has went wrong.We have become more ruthless to ourselves than to our enemies.People can be heard saying baffling phrases like, i want to be a strong individual.I dont want any emotions for anyone.I want to be alone".Usually this is the state after a major setback but what I ask is that why cant we let the defeat affect us in a positive manner?Why cant we let emotions rule over us and let them affect us in the way they want to?Why cant we be calm and think rationally?

How can a bullet,a pill or a rope be a solution to the problem which has orignated in our minds?How can we possibly sweep the problem under the carpet rather then facing the adverse circumstances?These questions have baffled me and made me ponder over them on and off and today I find it safe enough to say that no matter the degree of adversity ,every individual has born with a soul which can see him/her through the worst of times.

To end this post i will like to quote a sentence.


and for sure leaving this world by killing oneself is not making this world a better place.
Want to keep on writing but i guess i will take a break now and maybe I will add a few things later.


  1. Nice post :)
    But how one looks @ a situation completely depends on one's state of mind. Suicide is utter stupidity;

  2. Exactly..

    I posted this for my own sub-conscious mind :)