December 26, 2008

The Heat Boil!!!

How can I come up with these weird titles?? 

Weird? ( Its too small a word)

The last time I met you.. It was on a pouring rainy day!!!! U came down with an umberalla to give me those suspicious stares.. It wasn't the breeze this time.. It was the cyclone.. Ur umberalla fluttered the other way around.. I saw your face.. You had a " Heat Boil" on your face.. The crystal clear face.. I've never even seen a small pimple on your face ever before.. 

What was the reason behind the heat boil??? 

Me? Fights? Anger??? 

You didnt say anything at all.....??!??!?!?!?!?

We never met after that...

Im not able to wash my face.. I've got a  Heat boil on my forehead now.. Its so fucking big that i cant wipe my sweat when im playing.. Damn........ It Hurts!!!!!!

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