December 26, 2008


Always loved this solitary hill, 
This hedge as well, which takes so large a share 
Of the far-flung horizon from my view;
But seated here, in contemplation lost, 
My thought discovers vaster space beyond
Supernal silence and unfathomed peace;
Almost I am afraid; then, since I hear
The murmur of the wind among the leaves, 
I match that infinite calm unto this sound 
And with my mind embrace eternity,
The vivid, speaking present and dead past;
In such immensity my spirit drowns, 
And sweet to me is shipwreck in this sea. 

This poem holds up my mood this moment. But I dont need a solitary 
hill coz there is an unfathomable peace and silence when u r around. 
I used to crave for words when I was around people. I wanted to 
know what they think, what they feel about me, to judge what the 
other person is, what they like and what they dislike. I dont feel 
this when I am around u. I love the silence between us. I try to 
read ur mind when u dont utter a single word. I dont feel like making 
u talk. I am totally content with ur silence. I am content with 
what u r. Your words are invaluable since they are such a rarety. 
People call me mad. I totally agree with them. I am mad. But how 
can they know how much I like this madness. There is fun being mad 
wich none but madmen know. Some people say that this relation is 
impossible. How could it be when ur name spells sky? When u r there 
above my head eternally; when u sorround my mind always and for 
ever. Where ever u are on this universe I can see u. How stupid I
was a couple of days back to cry all night when I realized that 
u r leaving. Coz u can never leave. All I have to do when I feel 
like seeing u is open my eyelids and look up. I dont care whether 
u like me or not, whether u bother or not. Moon does not stop rising 
if he gets annoyed at sky. It is the universal truth and same hold good for me. 
People say u r cold. They say how could u love a cold man? How should 
they know that value of warmth becomes highest when u experience 
the coldness, the chill. The more chill u r the happier I am.

I am afraid of your silence because of what it could mean. It could 
mean that u r making up your mind about me without my help. But 
silence could also mean a respect to what I am, it could mean live 
and let live. Words can mean that we are friends, but silence is 
an accpetence that we already are.

Some times I feel like telling you what is in my mind. But I hold 
back myself. I might spoil this dream of mine by doing so. I dont 
want to wake up. I just want to go on dreaming. The feeling of being 
in love is much more sweeter than actual love. So I accept ur silence with mine!!!

Silence is the heart of everything!!! 

Am i making any sense?

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